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Brian J. Neary has over 40 years of experience aggressively defending individuals against state and federal criminal charges in Bergen County, Hudson County and throughout New Jersey.
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New Jersey law treats persons under 18 charged with crimes in its juvenile court system. Offenses include minor offenses:

  • underage drinking
  • small thefts
  • trespass

To more serious offenses:

  • weapons possession
  • assaults
  • sex crimes
  • even murder

These more serious crimes may even be transferred to the Superior Court for adults if the juvenile court holds a hearing to “waive” the case.

Parents need to treat the handling of these cases seriously. The belief that “it’s just juvenile court” is a mistake. You need an experienced criminal lawyer for these more serious offenses. Neary Law has handled numerous serious juvenile crimes, including murders. Founding attorney Brian J. Neary was exposed to such cases early on in his career. His first case as a trial lawyer was as the juvenile prosecutor in Hudson County.

We Support Kids

Our team of defense attorneys are aggressive advocates for our young clients, who are often exposed to the juvenile court system for the first time. We are also sensitive to the special nature of kids and crimes. Oftentimes, juveniles who find themselves in these situations suffer from emotional and psychological problems.

They are the kids in special education programs or are suffering from such disorders as ADHD. These kids don’t belong in juvenile detention. We know there are alternatives such as educational assistance and alcohol and drug treatment programs.

We have the experience to know the difference between “a kid being a kid” and a child in crisis — and we advocate for the best outcome for our clients based on their individual backgrounds and needs.

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